Students enrolled in the department of “Informatics and Biophysics” study subjects such as biophysics, general physics and general and medical radiobiology.

The department entered into an agreement with the only in Central Asia nuclear medicine center – “New Life Medical” and began to acquaint students with the process of conducting positron emission tomography on the basis of a joint plan.

Yesterday, students of the 202-group of the medical-biological direction familiarized themselves with the work of the center with the senior lecturer of the department, U.M.Abdujabbarova. The chief physician of the center of nuclear medicine, A.N. Usmanov, introduced the students to the work of a linear accelerator, the process of preparing patients for procedures, and the process of preparing radiopharmaceuticals.

The main feature of the new center is the availability of PET / CT equipment GE 128 Discovery MI DR, which is able to diagnose cancer in its early stages, determine the stages of the disease, as well as monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

Patients are examined by means of a radioisotope pharmacological drug. It is universal and in its structure is close to standard glucose, therefore it is actively absorbed by all tumor cells. When scanning with the preliminary introduction of this tool on the equipment PET / CT, you can get the most visualized picture of tumor cells. The drug is short-lived, with a half-life of 108 minutes, and within a day after its use is completely destroyed in the patient’s body and excreted through the excretory system.

Every day, thousands of patients in the world undergo a PET / CT scan. According to official data, there are over 120,000 cancer patients in Uzbekistan alone. Of these, one third of the patients from the total number travel abroad every year to undergo an expensive examination. Performing a similar high-tech process at the New Life Medical clinic will cost 3-4 times cheaper, and the patient will receive the results of the examination much faster.

The GE 128 Discovery MI DR PET / CT Scanner is a hybrid scanner consisting of a 128-slice multislice computed tomography and positron emission tomograph. This is a fully digital hybrid device for molecular imaging, released in 2018.

This model of the device is on top of the production line of GE Healthcare (USA) and is currently installed in clinics in only three countries of the world: USA, Italy and now Uzbekistan. In addition, this model is not yet available in other CIS countries, and the highly sensitive modern detectors and resolution installed on the equipment make it possible to detect tumors with a diameter of 2–3 mm at the earliest stages of the disease. The New Life Medical Center for Nuclear Medicine is the first clinic in the world that provides patients with thermal X-ray films in color.

The students were very interested in the work of the positron emission tomography center and asked their questions to the head doctor A.N. Usmanov and received satisfactory answers.

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