Cooperation of the department with other educational institutions

Since the establishment of the department, the staff of the department actively cooperates with medical colleges and academic lyceums. Teachers of the department conduct open lessons, master classes, spiritual and educational activities in colleges and lyceums.

On the orders of the rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy No. 72 of August 20, 2016, plans were made for cooperation with the following colleges in the Tashkent region: Bekabad Medical College,

Almalyk Medical College, Angren Medical College, Chirchik Medical College, Gulistan Medical College, Medical College of Almazar District and Academic Lyceum at TMA. Based on joint plans with the departments of “Exact Sciences”, “Natural Sciences”, “General subjects” of these educational institutions, open lessons and lectures, practical seminars are held. On a planned basis, colleges receive the necessary practical assistance in the educational process, in educational and methodological and spiritual-educational work.

On the order of the rector of the Tashkent Medical Academy No. 51 of August 19, 2017, plans were made for cooperation with the Academic Lyceum at the Tashkent Medical Academy. According to these plans, in cooperation with teachers of the Lyceum, educational and methodical manuals on subjects “Informatics and Information Technologies” and “Physics” are prepared.