“Development of an innovative computer-information apparatus for design and implementation of an integrated model of training and specialist activities in medical universities”
“Development of technology for assessing and shaping educational-behavioral upbringing and personal characteristics of students of higher medical educational institutions.”

 The department conducts comprehensive research activities on the themes “Development and implementation of a unified comprehensive teaching and methodological basis for profiled teaching of physics courses at medical colleges and lyceums” lyceums. ” On these topics, a full-fledged scientific research is being conducted on coordination with medical subjects of the scientific and methodological foundations of teaching physics in lyceums and colleges.

New books, teaching aids, materials for lectures and practical exercises were developed, which provide for the use of new teaching methods in teaching physics and matching physical sections with medical subjects. A textbook on general physics is being developed. The educational process of teaching the section “Mechanics” at the medical lyceum at TMA and Almazar Medical College was studied and analyzed. There are options for reflection in this section of the static work of muscles, levers and ligaments in the human body, ergometry, mechanical properties of biological tissues: bones, muscles and blood vessels of the circulatory system.

Materials are being studied in subjects of anatomy and physiology, corresponding to sections of general physics.

When teaching physics, when preparing lecture and practical material, emphasis is placed on the relationship with anatomy and physiology. The unity of natural laws is indicated when studying the mechanical properties, structure and functioning of organs and tissues of a living organism.

We consider the tasks aimed at the specialty teaching of the subject “Informatics” in academic lyceums and colleges using practical software packages for processing biomedical information. For example, in the practical classes in lyceums and colleges it is planned to introduce the Excel program for statistical data processing taking into account indicators of diseases or biological indicators of the body.

Department Assistant V.G Makhsudov conducted research on the topic “Improving the Basics of Methodical Teaching of the “Mechanical Oscillations” Section and defended his Ph.D. in рedagogy.

Over the past 3 years, the department staff published more than 50 theses and articles. More than 10 of them are theses and articles at the international level.

The head of the department, M.I Bazarbayev, is a senior researcher at a fundamental project of an international grant, senior lecturer U. M. Abdujabbarova is also a participant in an international grant funded by the TWAS international foundation on the topic “Experimental study of relaxation processes in anisotropic media”.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the head of the department, M.I Bazarbayev, received patents on information and communication technologies called “Information Technologies in Education” (15.09.2018, No. DGU 05595) and “The Program “ALPOMISH” for assessing the multifunctional status of athletes” (12.14.2018, No. DGU 06046).

Over the past 3 years, the department has developed 7 rationalization proposals and received certificates. Students were also involved in developing rationalization proposals, which was the impetus for their future research.

For example, under the guidance of associate professor Kh.A.Karimov, a student at the Medical Pedagogical Faculty Nishanova Yulduz developed a rationalization proposal on the topic “Photometric device for determining the multiple scattering of albedo skin tissue in an experiment” certificate of rationalization proposal on the “Method of rapid diagnosis of the risk of infections lung diseases in the experiment”.

And a student at the Medical and Biological Faculty, Khikmatova Nazima, received a certificate of rationalization proposal on the topic “A method for the rapid diagnosis of the risk of infectious lung diseases in an experiment”.

The most capable students regularly participate in student competitions held at the republican level.

Each year, the department holds a traditional conference of the “Student Scientific Society”, where the most active and talented students participate. At the conference, they present their scientific work and research, prepared under the guidance of teachers of the department. At the end of the conference, they are given certificates and souvenirs.