In 1931 after foundation of  Medical Institute, Department of Physics was established. Venedikt Mikhalkov Nikolayevich (1888-1962) was managed head of  the department. He is a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honored Scientist, famous scientist and educator. He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, author of several scientific papers. Since 1924 he started to work in the Central Asian State University. In 1953 he received the title of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

In 1941-1944, the chair continued its work under lead of  M.S.Eygenson. In 1944-1962 the  duty head of the department was managed again to V.N. Mikhalkov. During the activity of V.N. Mikhalkov, in his composition worked as assistants S.S Rumi, K.G. Trofimov, M.A Tiкhoboev. In 1935 the area of the department was expanded and translated into the experimental corps. Until 1971 the chair several times changed its place.

Due to lack of the necessary equipment to conduct experiments on the physics and mathematics faculty of the University of Central Asian, founder of the Department of Physics of the Institute of Medicine, V.N. Mikhalkov, S.S. Rumi, K.G. Trofimov on their own created educational supplies and instruments for conducting lectures and workshops. During the 1932-1941 years employees of the department created and perfected the 123 different instrument.

In the years 1962-1971 the department was entrusted to the leadership of  Said Sadadinovichu Rumi (1910-1971). He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Central Asian State University. In 1936-1938 he worked as Deputy Director of Student Affairs at the Medical Institute. In the 1944-1968 years he headed the studying part. He is the author of over 30 scientific papers on the organization of the educational process and the design of instruments. On this time, the department came to work Y.N Alikov, T.Saidvaliev and K.Gaziev.

On demand of the management the institute began to translate textbooks on practical and theoretical courses from Russian into Uzbek. Under the leadership of S.S Rumi members of the department translated to the Uzbek language following books: “The course of physics for physicians and biologists ‘Licher (1934),” The course of physics for medical students’ S.A Artsibishevа (1939), “Practical works in Physics” N. Remizov (1948.1960). Question about creating textbooks and curricula is relevant until now. In 2005 the book N.A Remizov, “Medical and Biological Physics” was published by  in the Uzbek language in the Latin alphabet and the Cyrillic alphabet. Were created educational materials on biophysics, medical engineering, computer science and information technology. Were written standard and work programs.

Employees of the department conducted researches in the field of medicine. For example, in the 50’s teachers of the department have studied several physical parameters in the resorts territories of Central Asia as  Chimgan, Jalalabad, Mullah qori, Yangi Kurgoni, Ak-Tash, Sarichelak, Yalangach, Chartaq. The studies were conducted with the participation of V.N Mikhalkov, S.S Rumi M.A.Tiкhoboev, E.I Postupalsky. The results were provided to health authorities. Professor V.N Mikhalkov studied solar screens used in the resorts of the Soviet Union. Staff of the department developed the following medical devices: a gastric tube, temperature probe for the throat, vacuum suction, electric thermometer to the skin surface, the lamp design, which does not create a shadow, rentgenotomo-balloskop, barotermokamerа. In these studies, the scientists involved such as V.N Mikhalkov, S.S Rumi, D.G Botirov, A.A Ravdel, A.Z Shuboderov, B.I Sokolov.

In 1967, together with the X-ray and radiological Tashkent Cancer Institute developed a scientific topics presence of certain polycyclic carbohydrates consisting of biological subjects .Other than that, members of the department (L.M. Nikiforova) using X-ray diffraction studies cathode emission. According to the results of published scientific articles of these studies, master’s thesis.

In 1971, the Department continued to work under the guidance of Sayran Dzhalilovich Yoldashev (p. 1939). He graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute in 1963. In 1970 he defended his thesis, and in 1994 – a doctorate. Author of over 100 scientific articles about magnetic field, laser radiation and the study of hypertrophic processes under the action of ultrasound. In 1977, the Department of Biophysics, separated from the Department of Physics and she became head Taкhir Abdullaevich Adzhimollaev (b. 1933).

In the years 1978-1990 the department was headed H.K Kadyrov (1931-2012). He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Central Asian State University in 1956. In 1960 he defended his PhD in 1977 year doctorate. Author of over 150 scientific articles on biological and cyber solutions to problems in the field of medicine. A special role is played by the members of the senior teacher L.M Nikiforov and assistant G.P Resnick.
In 1982 was organized by the Department of Medical and Biological Physics. At its head  H.K.Kadyrov. He organized a scientific work on the automatic control system in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. And to this day, is conducting research in collaboration with a number of clinical departments and their results are used in the educational process.

In 1990, Tashkent State Medical Institute was divided into two agencies: the 1- and 2- Tashkent State Medical Institute. Department of Medical and Biological Physics 1- Tashkent State Medical Institute was headed S.Zh.Yuldashev.On worked until 2005. At that time worked at the department: I.T Lecturers Turgunov H.DRahimova, Sh.Tashpulatov, D.C Isamuhamedova, Senior Lecturer F.B Nurmatova, assistants K.K Karimov A . Dulyanova, I.E Shaimanov. Department of Medical and Biological Physics 2- Tashkent State Medical Institute was headed by F.M Talipov (born 1955), and in 1999-2005 Professor Nasir Muhamedzhanovich Yoldashev (born 1956). Associate Professor of  Department I.M Mullazhanov, U.I Ikramov, Senior Lecturer N.Mastibekov, E.Y Ermetov assistants Juraeva N.R, M.K Nishantaev, S.I Ermetova, F.D Fazilova,Y Tulyaganova, F.S Tukhtakhodjaeva.

In 1993-1994 sc.y at the Department organized the course “Computer science and information technology,” and associate professor of I.T Turgunov was nominated responsibility. In 1999-2000 department began teaching a new course “Medical technology and new medical technologies”

The Tashkent Medical Academy was founded in 2005 by the order president of the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. The chair of “Biophysics and informatics” was founded on the base of  two chairs of medical and biological  physics of two institutes. Professor S.J. was working as the Head of the chair. He was working till 2011 year. There are teachers I. T. Turgunov, X. D. Rakhimova, I. M. Mullajanov, U. I. Ikramov, senior teachers N. Mastibekov, E.Y. Ermetov, F.B. Nurmatova, M. M.  Kosimov, Sh. X. Abduganieva, M. K. Nishantaev, assistants G. R. Mirzaaxmedova, A. F. Islomov, I. E. Shaymanov, F. D. Fozilova, I. N. Tulaganova, F.Sh. Tuxtajaeva    were working in the chair in that period.

In 2010 year chair was divided and connected with the chair of “Biology and bioinorganic chemistry” and was named “Bioorganic, biological chemistry, biophysics and informatics”. In 2010-2012 years professors Rixsi Ibroximovna Sabirova(1948 y) and  Abdugofur Axatovich Xajimetov ( 1948) were working as the Head of the chair.

In 2012 year courses of biophysics, informatics and normal physiology joined in the two territories of Tashkent Medical Academy and was founded a new chair – “Informatics, Biophysics and normal physiology” .  X. K. Samarov (1958 y.)  became Head of the chair. He graduated Tashkent   Polytechnic Institute in ( 1980 y. ).  He is candidate of technical sciences and author of 40 scientific works.

Axror Nigmatovich Daniyarov

Axror Nigmatovich Daniyarov (1938 y. ) – doctor of medical sciences, professor. In 1963-1990 year he was laborant of the chair of normal physiology, postgraduate, senior teacher. In 1970 year protected dissertation of candidate, worked as a lecturer. In 1977 protected dissertation of doctor. In 1990-2005 years he was working as the Head of the chair of normal physiology in 2-TMA. Author of more than 100 sciences works about circulation, digestion, change of substance and pedagogic. In addition to he is author 12 rational supplies. In 1970 he was working as the deputy of dean of the work with foreigner. In 1998 – 2005 year was dean of medico-pedagogical faculty.

Oysha Turaevna Alaviya (1943 y) – physiologist, candidate of medical science, lecturer. In 1971 year protected dissertation of candidate. Author of more than 150 scientific works about questions of rational supplies.


Ikramov Usman (1946 y)- physicist, from 1969 year worked in Medical Institute as the assistant, senior teacher. Now he is working as the lecturer. Several years worked in inner inspectorate of 2- TMA, was deputy of dean of  medico-prophylactic faculty. He protected  dissertation of candidate on the “Several questions optimal handing with discrete processes”  theme




Islam Mullajanov- physicist, lecturer, candidate of physic-mathematic sciences. He protected dissertation of candidate in MGU of Lomonosov on the Acoustic relaxation and wide properties of solution waterway of potassium phosphate” theme.

In 1985 year he with professor S. D. Yuldashev and X. J. Rakhimova translated from Uzbek into Latin graphics A. N. Remizov’s textbook “Medical and biological physics”.



Hakima Juraevna Rakhimova (1943 y.) – physicist, in 1963 year graduated University, in 1982 year protected dissertation of candidate. She was working from 1984 till 2014 years in that chair. She is author of more than 18 scientific- methodical works for  the medical students.




In 1983, under the leadership of K. A Zufarov defended his PhD thesis on “Quantitative Analysis and electrochemiluminescent compensatory hypertrophy of the kidney.” During training and research activities, he became the author of more than 90 educational publications, educational programs and scientific articles. He is the author of more than 30 innovations in histology and biophysics. His current scientific and pedagogical research focuses on quality training of future professionals who attend medical schools, colleges and academic lyceums.

On 2012-2014 years in department worked professor A.N.Daniarov, docents I.T.Turgunboev,X.D.Raximova, I.Mullajonov, U. Ikromov, O.T.Alavia, V.I.Yakovenko, S.Z.Saidalikhodjaeva, elder teachers N.Mastibekov, E.Ya.Ermetov, F.B.Nurmatova,M.M.Qosimov, Sh.H. Abduganieva, D.M. Ergasheva, S.Gulomova, M.I.Bozorboev, A.Madjidov, assistants G.R.Mirzaahmedova, A.F.Islomov, I.E.Shaymanov, F.D.Fozilova, I.N.Tolaganov, F.Sh.Tohtakhodjaev, N.Khodjaeva, B.B.Muhamadaminov, Z.Qodirova, Q.Qosimova, M.Yusupova, A.Beloborodov, U.M.Abdujabborova, D.I.Sayfullayev, A.Z.Sobirjonov, K.Latipova, I.Sh.Saidnazarova.

On 2014 year candidation of physical-mathematical science Bazarboev Murodali Irisalievich (was born 1974) became  head of the chair. On 1996 year

he graduated physical faculty of Tashkent State University. He is the author of numerous scientific works on information technology.

On 22rd July 2014 year by the order of the president Islom Karimov was founded The Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry at the territory of  three clinics of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The last 20 years in the department hold research on the effects of certain physical factors (magnetic field, laser radiation, ultrasound) on the human body. In the future we plan to create an animation of the physical processes occurring in the human body. Over 150 articles and theists was written by the collages of the chair, defended 5 candidate and 1 doctor dissertations. Planed cooperation with medical departments of

institutes of another countryes. From 2010, the department cooperates with the department of natural sciences Chilanzar Medical College, College named of Borowsky. This activity is aimed to education and training of future specialists.

Cooperators of the department along with the scientific activities take part in all events organized by the Tashkent Medical Academy.